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Testing, balancing and troubleshooting instrument for HVAC service technicians


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PHM-V1 micromanometer is designed for measuring and adjusting air diffusers and air valves using a patented technology.

Over 1000 preprogrammed valve selections from various manufacturers has been used in this device which measures air pressure and air flow very accurately. At any time, you can save and upload results to PHM-V1 Manager software for creating a customized documentation and database for the future references. PHM-V1 Can be used with pitot tube in order to measure air pressure and air flow.

The PHM-V1 works using four AAA alkaline batteries or rechargeable. The device has been fitted with alkaline batteries from the factory, so there is no need to install batteries when first starting to use the device.

Preprogrammed valve manufacturers:

  •  EH-Muovi
  •  Fläkt Woods
  •  Halton
  •  Lindab
  •  RCL (Climecon)
  •  Swegon
  • Uponor

Included accessories:

  •  PHM-V1 manual
  •  Calibration certificate
  •  PVC hose (2 pcs, 2 m)
  •  USB Mini B cable
  • Fläkt Woods valve measurement kit
  • PHM-V1 Manager software

Additional information


PHM-V1 Mircomanometer

Different Configurations

PHM-V1 Mircomanometer

Product Specification

Technical details
Range: -250…2550 Pa
Maximum overpressure: 30 kPa
Accuracy: ±1.4 % from reading
USB: Mini B
Units on display: Pressure: Pa, mmH2O, inchWC, mbar Volume flow: l/s, m3/h, m3/s
Operating temp. range: -10 … 50 °C
Can be used with pitot tube

Technical documents



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